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The joy of making handmade biscuits, pastry, or donuts for family and friends, especially on holidays, cannot be expressed in words. A kitchen filled with the fragrance of freshly baked biscuits, and then you take the perfect-looking biscuits out of the oven – it is quite an enjoyable ambiance.

The Cookie-cutter is one of the most crucial kitchen tools for a baker. With the best biscuit cutter, you can easily give your homemade biscuit, donuts, etc., a fresh mess-free look.

Undoubtedly, the first priority for biscuits is the amazing taste. However, appearance is also a contributing factor to perfect biscuits in addition to taste. Perfect-looking biscuits make people like them even more.

There are many alternatives available for cutting your cookies, but for a professional look or to make it more elegant, you need to have a biscuit cutting tool.

It would be fantastic if you could buy something that would last a long time and give you a lot of design, wouldn’t it? So check out our review and buying guide for the best solution.

Does a Biscuit Cutter Really Matter?

Yes, it does! You can easily cut your biscuits with a knife, bottle cap, and many available kitchen tools. But they will not give you the perfect finish.

Also, if you are new to baking, you may not be able to cut cookies well with those options.

Again, cookie cutting is necessary if you want a varied look on your baking items. You will easily find different-sized designs available from different brands. It also offers some interesting shapes to make it attractive for children.

So, buy a cookie cutter if you want to make your biscuit or donut item more presentable.

Best Biscuit Cutter

Reviews of 9 Best Biscuit Cutter: Our Top Pick

Biscuits of different shapes fill anyone’s mind with joy, whether they are adults or children. Biscuit cutters are available everywhere, simplifying the process of making different shaped biscuits.

Read below to discover those unique and valuable products!

1. HULISEN Biscuit Cutter Set with Pastry Scraper

It’s a versatile tool, and you’ll find a few different types of tools in one set. You will definitely get a biscuit cutter, but additionally, you will get a pastry scraper and a flour blender.

However, if you are more concerned about cutting biscuits, you will find 5 different sized biscuit cutters in this set.

These tools can be suitable for baking or cooking amateurs and professionals. Many food items like biscuits, cookies, donuts, rice balls, pasta, cakes, etc., require these three tools.

In addition to the scraper and blender, the 5 round molds that come with the set are impressive. They are good enough for different jobs. Mold size ranges from 4 cm to 8 cm. These are made of stainless steel, the best material for cutting biscuits.

You can keep them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning without worrying about rust. The handle on the top of the mold makes it incredibly easy to use. Blenders and scrapers have an ergonomic rubber grip, making them really comfortable.


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 5

What We Like:

  1. It is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, which is the most valuable part of this product.
  2. It provides 5 pieces of different sharp cuts
  3. The dishwasher can do no harm to these cutters
  4. It is easy to clean and gives a high-quality performance

What We Don’t Like:

  1. A little bit expensive

2. K&S Artisan Cookie, Pastry, and Donut Cutter Set

Good quality round mold or cutter is essential for professionals and amateurs. This is an 11-pieces set of round molds from the brand K&S Artisan.

The molds are made of stainless steel. This versatile tool is rust-resistant and has a smooth, welded surface.

Food-grade ingredients are also dishwasher-friendly and BPA-free. The mold edges are rounded, so they cannot be cut by hand.

However, it is strong enough to make clean cuts of flour, fancy bread, or other foods. The 11 pieces set include 7 pieces of round molds for cutting biscuits.

The round molds come in a tin container. Additionally, you will get 4 pieces of coffee stencils with which you can create some designs on your cappuccino or latte.


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 11

What We Like:

  1. It has a smooth finish, and the roll edge feature protects your fingers and hands from injuries.
  2. Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  3. Washing with a dishwasher will not rust.
  4. Gives a neat, clean finish.

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Provides only round shape

3. Homy Feel Geometric Shaped Biscuit Cutter

This is another biscuit cutter set containing various basic shaped molds. The set has shapes like a square, circle, triangle, flower, heart, star, etc. You will get 8 different forms total, and each shape will have 3 sizes.

The material of the molds is stainless steel. To be more precise, it is commercial grade 304 stainless steel. These are dishwasher safe, rustproof, and can be used in high heat. The surface of the molds is smooth and has no risk of cutting fingers.

However, they are capable of making a clean cut. The edges are about 1 inch high. It makes cutting thicker dough very easy.

This set is suitable for both professional and home bakers. The set includes some basic shapes that are versatile and needed every now and then. Besides cutting biscuits or cookies, these shapes are great for cutting fondants, sandwiches, donuts, pancakes, etc.


  • Shape: Multiple Shapes
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 24

What We Like:

  1. The most fantastic feature of this product is that it has multiple sizes.
  2. It can give you a proper clean cut with a strong 304 stainless steel
  3. It is also suitable for the professional baker
  4. You can use this tool for multiple purposes like donuts, pancakes, pasta, etc.

What We Don’t Like:


4. Bukuwa Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set

This biscuit cutter set is a blessing for those who make a lot of biscuits, especially generic ones. It is a set of 12-round molds that come in a container. Hence, storing them is pretty straightforward.

The molds are made of stainless steel. They can withstand up to 500 F temperatures. The construction quality of this mold is admirable. They are smooth and sturdy.

They effortlessly make a clean cut. These are rust-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Even with a round shape, you will get plenty of options. The molds start from the size of 1 inch and gradually increase. The biggest one is sized 4.4 inches. Whatever the size you require, you will find a suitable size in this set. From small biscuits to big cookies, all can be covered with only this set.


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 12

What We Like:

  1. It is made of high-temperature composite, which can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. It is powerful and offers different shapes
  3. It also has a rust resistance

What We Don’t Like:


5. KSPOWWIN Biscuit Cutters Set

Suppose you are overwhelmed by the variety of options and tools but want only the essential biscuit cutters. In that case, this one is more suitable for you. This set contains only 5 of the most demanding sizes of biscuit cutters.

The smallest size is 1.26 inches, and the biggest is 3 inches. These are perfect sizes for various types of biscuits.

The molds come with very smooth stainless steel. These are rust-resistant and dishwasher safe.

The edges make a clean cut. However, since it has a roll-up advantage, it does not risk hitting you.


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 5

What We Like:

  1. Made of premium high, quality material
  2. Comes with many different sizes rust proof molds
  3. Very much durable and dishwasher safe
  4. The cleaning process is pretty simple

What We Don’t Like:

  1. This item does not provide a storage box

6. Stbeyond Food Grade Cookie Cutter Mold for Kids

This biscuit cutter set is a must-have item to make your biscuits more fun, especially for your kids. It includes 4 larger molds that are more like sandwich cutters and 4 smaller molds that can be used to cut biscuits or cookies.

These molds are fun because they are not your traditional circle or square biscuit cutter. These are different-shaped biscuits. You will get heart-shaped, mickey mouse-shaped, star-shaped, and dinosaur-shaped molds.

If you enjoy baking with your child, this will become the center of attention, and your kids will love them. They are made of stainless steel, although these have pp covers. Therefore, even toddlers can use them. They are safe and smooth for children.

These molds can be used for numerous purposes. Using these molds, you can cut other foods like cakes, fondants, bread, cheese, etc. These different-shaped foods will definitely make your kids enjoy their meals.


  • Shape: Multiple Shapes
  • Material: Stainless Steel + PP
  • Mold Number: 8

What We Like:

  1. It provides some unique form to the cut that your child likes a lot
  2. Made of stainless steel
  3. The product is highly durable
  4. In addition to cookies, you can also use it to cut fruit into unique shapes

What We Don’t Like:

This mold is a little harder to clean

7. HULISEN Round Shaped Cutter Set

Another Hulisen biscuit cutter set took the previous position in our list. However, that was a multipurpose set. If you are looking for a better-quality set featuring biscuit cutters of the same brand, this is it.

This set has 5 different-sized round-shaped biscuit cutters. The smallest is 4 cm, and the largest is 8 cm. Similar to the previous Hulisen biscuit cutter set, these molds also have a handle-like feature attached to the cutters. They ensure that you do not hurt yourself while cutting biscuits. Moreover, this unique feature lets you put more pressure without feeling fatigued.

Nevertheless, the stainless-steel molds are nicely welded and have smooth surfaces. They are measured accurately, so this tool can be helpful in professional work. The material is rustproof and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mold Number: 5

What We Like:

  1. Comes with a comfortable arched handle
  2. Gives a clean cut with a high-quality stainless-steel mold
  3. Easy to clean and does not rust easily
  4. Many different sizes provide

What We Don’t Like:


8. Wilton Cookie Cutters Set

This set is perfect when you bake for your kids. Many customers request different holiday-shaped numbers or animal-shaped cookies. Their handmade can be highly stressful, and therefore, this set makes it incredibly easy.

This set contains 101 pieces and almost every size you can ask for. Alphabets, numbers, and some basic figures, such as hearts, stars, etc., animals, vehicles, Christmas, Halloween, and whatever, are included. When baking cookies, you will find a suitable shape from this set.

The molds are made of plastic. Hence, children can use these too and enjoy the fun activity of baking. Although the molds are made of plastic, they are excellent in quality and make a clean cut. The edges are not too sharp that they can hurt someone. The molds are sized within 3 inches and are dishwasher safe.


  • Shape: Multiple shapes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mold Number: 101

What We Like:

  1. This is very suitable for your child
  2. The cleaning process is relatively easy to do
  3. It comes with molds of various attractive shapes and sizes

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Not as durable as others

9. Progressive International Biscuit Cutter Set

Biscuit sizes like flowers are pretty popular and are perfect if you want this kind of cut. In this biscuit cutting set, you will find 7 different-sized cutting molds, all flower-shaped. These molds can be used on different occasions and in different ways.

The molds are made of plastic and come in various colors, making them suitable for children. There are no sharp edges, and children can quickly finish cutting biscuits, cookies, or other things. They can be made of plastic;

However, in no way are they of poor quality. These cutters are fantastic and get the job done perfectly. However, remember that they cannot be used on hot items.

The cutters are somewhat sized from 1.5 inches to more than 3 inches. You might be thinking the rigid flower petal pattern can be hard to clean. Don’t worry about that, as these molds are dishwasher safe.


  • Shape: Flower
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mold Number: 7

What We Like:

  1. You will get different sizes in one package
  2. Comes with smooth edges to give a soft cut
  3. Provides molds of various sizes
  4. Most importantly, it provides an extra sharp dough cutter
  5. This item is dishwasher safe

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Made of plastic
  2. You can’t use this product on hot biscuits

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Cookie Cutter

Before examining the reviews below, check out what a cutter should have. This will let you know what quality cookie cutters you need.

1. Material Used to Make the Cutter

The material of the mold is essential. The two most popular biscuits or cookie-cutter materials are stainless steel and plastic.

There could be other options as well. Keep in mind that some other materials can rust after a while.

If the cutters are to be used by children or amateurs, then it is better to go for the plastic molds. Plastic molds come in different attractive shapes.

2. Finishing Condition of the Mold

In order to make a nice and clean-cut, the mold’s edge must be smooth and sharp. However, not so intense that one might get hurt. Also, the material needs to be seamless.

In the case of metals, the joint of the metal has to be seamlessly welded for a smooth finish. Otherwise, the biscuits’ shape might not be satisfactory after cutting the dough.

3. Size and Storage Capability of the Cutter

Biscuit cutters are tiny things that can stay scattered or get lost in the kitchen among all the more oversized utensils. There, the storing option for the cookie cutters has to be convenient. Some sets are sized gradually.

Therefore, they can be organized together. Sometimes, the molds come in a container. The ones that come in storage containers are a better option as they can be stored more conveniently.

4. Shape of the Cutters

The job of a biscuit or cookie cutter is to make a clean cut from the dough. The difference lies in the form of the cutter.

Some basic shapes are circles, squares, ovals, and hearts. However, you can find various exciting shapes like animals, alphabets, stars, different flowers, etc.

5. Price

Most biscuits or cookie cutters are affordable. However, if you are concerned about the price, you can choose the plastic ones, as they are more affordable. Moreover, you can buy sets with fewer molds if you think more molds cost more.

Cookie Cutting Tool

What Are the Difference Between Biscuit And Cookie Cutters?

At first glance, there is no variance between a biscuit cutter and a cookie-cutter. Both do almost the same thing and the same thing. The only difference, however, is that the molds of biscuit cutters are slightly longer than those of cookie cutters.

Otherwise, there is not much difference. So, you can use cookie cutters or biscuit cutters for baking. However, if you need a slightly longer mold for your biscuits, it is wiser to choose a biscuit cutter.

You can use these cutters to cut and decorate your pasta flour, homemade donuts, and cake.

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Q. Which Material is Good for a Biscuit Cutter?

Stainless steel is the preferable material for biscuits or cookie cutters. However, plastic molds are also suitable.

Q. When to Cut Cookies – Before or After Baking?

It is super good to cut cookies or the dough before baking. After baking, it becomes challenging to make a clean cut.

Q. What Can Be Used To Cut Biscuits Instead Of Biscuit Cutters?

You can use glasses or cups to make round-shaped biscuits or cookies. You can use any pizza cutter to cut squares or other shapes. Alternatively, you can use a knife.

Q. How to Make a Custom Cookie Cutter at Home?

You can use aluminum, foil, soda cans, or oven liners to make a custom cookie cutter at home. You will have to shape them and use glue to connect them.

Q. What Are the Other Uses Of Biscuit Cutter?

Biscuit cutters can cut cakes, pancakes, sandwiches, waffles, fruits, cheese, etc. You can use them to create interesting-shape food garnishing. You can also use them to cut playdoh or clays too.

Final Word

Making biscuits or cookies is a fundamental part of the baking spectrum. Many start their journey of baking by baking biscuits.

Moreover, some prefer baking biscuits over baking cakes. For those biscuit lovers, there is no alternative to having some different types of biscuit cutters.

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