How to Stop Baking Sheets from Warping?

After much consideration and research, you’ve found the perfect baking sheet for your quest. But the disappointments hit hard when you find your new shiny sheet in a twisting form.

Trust us, this is not anything rare but a prevailing situation. But why and how does it happen? And how to stop baking sheets from warping?

The culprit in this situation is heat that directly affects the forms of the metal sheets. And there are some steps you can take to prevent this unfortunate occurrence. And the best thing is that these steps are simple and manageable.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can keep your baking sheets in the correct form. But before that, it is essential to understand why this happens in the first place.

Why Do My Cookie Sheets Warp in The Oven?

As we mentioned, heat directly affects the form of any metal sheet, from a metal block to a flat sheet. The basic principle is that heat expands anything, including a baking sheet.

Simply put, it starts to grow when you heat a metal sheet. In uneven heat, some portion of the sheet extends, but some don’t. Similarly, the thinner the piece, the more expansion will happen on that part.

Especially when you use cheaper quality sheets with uneven thickness, the heat affects some parts more than others. This is when you hear the clunk sound of the metal warping.

Relatedly, your baking sheet or pan gets rusty for many reasons. If you have already encountered this, follow our tips on how to clean a rusty baking sheet.

How Do You Know Your Baking Sheet Is Warped?

Well, you will see your baking sheet deformed and understand what happened. But sometimes, the warping starts so subtly that they seem even. Thus, you don’t notice and take any precautions.

Check if your cookies or biscuits are flat. If the surface under is uneven, that can be because the sheet is irregular. Also, crooked or warped baking sheets create a rough crust. Some may be burnt, whereas some may be undercooked.

Check if your food is evenly baked or cooked. Crocked or warped tray distributes heat unevenly. And thus, it cooks food disproportionately.

How to Stop Baking Sheets from Warping

How to Stop Baking Sheets from Warping?

 Now that you know why your baking sheet warps, you can take steps to prevent this phenomenon. By following our best way to avoid the baking sheets from the warp. Here are a few practical, effective tips and tricks to keep your sheet perfect in the oven:

Tip 1: Use A Heavy Baking Sheet

The warping happens mainly on the cheaper models that have lower built quality. Expensive models use high-grade materials and have more excellent built quality. They have thicker surfaces, and As a result, they warp less.

Note: While buying a baking sheet, check if you can bend it with your hands. If you can, the heat in the oven can most probably warp it easily.

Tip 2: Use Insulated or Layered Baking Sheets

Use insulated or layered baking sheets since they are less likely to warp in the oven. Also, insulated trays ensure even browning or crust.

Multi-layered pans have more incredible heat distributing quality. On the other, the flat sheets can easily warp or twist.

Tip 3: Rimmed Baking Sheets

Usually, in the case of rimmed sheets, the rims are thicker than the surfaces. As a result, the raised edges don’t let the surface deform. On the other, the flat sheets can easily warp or twist.

Tip 4: Use A ¾ Pan

If you want to make cookies, rolls, or bread, it is better to use quarter-griddle pans. They are perfect for large portions at high temperatures. Also, they have thicker surfaces and sometimes nonstick coating. So, there will be less chance of warping.

Tip 5: Keep the Temperature Constant

Sometimes, changing the temperature suddenly can deform the sheet. Try to keep the temperature constant. But if you must change the temperature, do it gradually.

Tip 6: Let the Sheet Cool Down Before Washing

We often mistake washing the baking sheet with cold water before cooling it down. This is another reason why our baking sheets warp. Let the sheet cool down after baking, and then wash it.

Can You Repair a Warped Baking Sheet?

There are several ways to fix a warped baking sheet to its previous condition.

The best way is to press it against the bulged portion with a heavy thing. It will flatten the uneven sheet. You can also heat the baking sheet before fixing it. Use a towel or dampened cloth to help the hot baking sheet.

But our advice will be to replace the warped sheet with a good one. Because this fix is temporary, there is a high possibility that it will happen again. Also, it would be helpful if you changed your baking sheets every 5 years for better results.

You can watch this video to fix your warped baking sheet.

Final Verdict

The right tool can make your cooking successful and enjoyable, just like a perfectly flattened baking sheet. A warped one will always make your cooking difficult. Now that you know how to avoid warping, hopefully, your cookies will be a little more delicious!

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