About Us

Ayden Parker

Welcome to the Tool and Tricks Website. I am Ayden, head of Idea, toolntricks.com.

I have been a freelance writer specializing in baking, cooking, decorating, and home improvement for 8+ years. I have done a lot of research on bakeware, cookware, cooktops, etc., and shared my experience on many blogs. And then this platform, my website, to share different ideas with you. You will find reviews and strategies for baking and baking tools in this blog

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Mission & Vision

I created this website with a mission to create a valuable platform where people can get expert baking advice, know how-to guides, and get bakeware & baking tool recommendations. That’s a simple mission and vision of toolntricks.com

Why Trust Us?

First of all, I share baking tools and tricks from practical experience. You will see the guide from what I have experienced; you’ll see product recommendations of what I’ve used.

For product comparison, my analyzing team collects data from real users. To understand users’ feedback, we always look for what users say, their objections, and recommendations. These are our straightforward strategies, simple but effective.

To know more about us, see the privacy policy. If you have to ask anything, feel free to contact us

More Reason to Trust On us

My team always keeps updating the information we share. We know what is real today, maybe not tomorrow. The best process today will be the weirdest tomorrow because more advanced strategies will take that place. Considering that, we keep our shared tricks with the latest ones and update the product list with new best sellers.

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