How to Clean an Oven without Baking Soda?

The oven is an essential element present in any kitchen. Unfortunately, both the conventional and the microwave oven are tedious and laborious appliances when it comes to cleaning. When you cook, a lot of food spills inside it. And when the remains dry, they are very challenging to remove.

Although baking soda is a savior in such cases, what to do if it’s not available? How to clean an oven without baking soda?

There are several ingredients around you in the kitchen that can replace baking soda. And you don’t have to give a lot of money to provide different cleaning because our solutions can be easily prepared at home.

How to Clean an Oven without Baking Soda | 4 Effective Natural Ways

You must clean your oven regularly, otherwise it can easily rust and create bacteria inside. It is also wise to buy a good quality baking oven.

There are many products on the market that clean an oven fast and work well. But there are also natural alternatives, just as effective, cheaper, and not harmful. So, we can have good results without complicating ourselves too much with these natural products.

Such everyday objects as vinegar and lemon have a well-deserved reputation for getting rid of grease and dirt. They will also be perfect allies in cleaning the oven since they significantly facilitate the task.

How to Clean an Oven without Baking Soda

1. The Wonders of Lemon

Perhaps this is one of the favorite techniques of the majority. Unlike chemicals, it does not leave strange odors but a lemon fragrance. Smells in the kitchen are very important, so maybe this technique will be your favorite.

Cleaning the oven with the lemon will be a little different. First, squeeze the juice of two large lemons and place the liquid in a pot of water. Next, put this pot inside the oven and heat it as a cake. Keep half an hour at 250° centigrade in the range behind closed doors. After it cools down, clean it with a cloth.

The lemon will soften the stains. Also, it will sterilize the oven’s interior, eliminating bacteria and, above all, foul odors. You could not find any better option! Finally, it will be so easy that you can nap while your kitchen aromatizes.

2. There is Nothing More Effective than Vinegar

Vinegar is another household product you don’t need to look for. Just reach out and grab it, and you’ll be halfway done cleaning.

This element is an excellent natural degreaser. What you need to do is mix vinegar with water. You can put half of the water, half of the vinegar, or a third of vinegar. Put that in a water sprayer. Later proceed to sprinkle the walls and the oven floor with the mixture. Start heating as with the lemon but only ten minutes at 120 ° centigrade.

You can combine it with white wine and salt. Then, please put it in the sprayer to spray the oven and dry with a rag after cleaning. It is also advisable to clean the oven racks directly with vinegar. You can even take a damp cloth with vinegar and wash your oven at the end of the process.

3. Different but Valuable Coarse Salt

Salt is an ideal ecological substitute to clean stubborn grease stains. Suppose we don’t have vinegar at home or its smell bothers us. Then, we can make the same mixture and replace the vinegar with coarse salt. Thanks to its sharp function, you will see how it absorbs fat and dramatically facilitates cleaning.

4. It Will be Impeccable with Soap

Finally, we have the classic, but no less efficient, soap!

To clean with vegetable soap, mix grated white soap with water. You can add baking soda or lemon juice to maximize its effects. Once you have integrated all the elements as a homogeneous substance, proceed to wash your oven and the grids. We advise you to dilute the soap in the water more efficiently by heating it first.


How to Keep the Oven Clean for Months?

If you want to keep the oven in good condition for a long time and avoid rust, dirt, etc., you must maintain a regular cleaning process. Follow the tips below for details.

Clean the Oven Regularly

The first piece of advice is to keep the oven clean. After every use, clean briefly. As a result, it will help avoid encrustations and the excessive formation of dirt. So, you will need less effort and product to wash it in the future.

Check If There Is a Cleaning Function

Many modern ovens have a self-cleaning function, such as the catalytic one. So, once you have finished using the appliance, pour water into the oven cavity. And turn it on following the instructions. It will serve to avoid the formation of encrustations and odors.

Have the Right Tools

To clean the oven, get:

  • Sponges for encrustations,
  • Spatulas to reach all corners and cavities,
  • Microfiber cloths for rinsing and the glass door of the oven
  • Then you will need detergents, and the choice is yours whether to use specific ones on the market or natural products.

Final Words

This was our idea of cleaning an oven without baking soda or any chemicals. Because when it comes to cleaning the oven, it is preferable to use natural ingredients. They are efficient and not harmful to health or the planet.

Try these remedies once and choose the one that you think is easier and more effective. A chemical reagent cleans dirt at first, but since it contains harmful chemicals, it will shorten the life of your oven.

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